About Me

I am a Engineer specialized in Information Systems with more than 20 years in IT industry and Academia. I am a former Sr. Database Administrator at DGI, Uruguayan Tax Administration Agency and I worked for more than three years as Project Manager focusing in mobile technology and point of sale systems.

I have a wide expertise in database systems. I worked with DBMS such as Informix, DB2 and Oracle, with plenty knowledge of database theory.

In the academia, I am former associate professor of database chair at Universidad ORT Uruguay, with six year lecturing database theory and application courses.

I am a CS PhD Candidate at University of Colorado Denver researching at the Machine Learning Laboratory. I am a graduate instructor at the CSE Department of the College of Engineering, Design and Computing at University of Colorado, Denver. Moreover, from Fall 2018 I and the student director of the CSE Mentor Program, where we help undergraduate students to succeed through the computer science program.

My research interests are mostly data management and indexing structures. My current research topic involves the application of Machine Learning in the field of BioInformatics.

I am currently working with a team at U.S. Geological Survey in Denver, CO, developing Machine Learning pipelines to determine the Burn Probability of Wildland Fires for the state of California, USA.

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Specializations: Software development, Database Administration, Database Education, Big Data Systems.