Research & Projects

U.S. Geological Survey - Geosciences and Environmental Chance Science Center (Student Contractor)

Current Research Lines

  • Use of Machine Learning to Develop Burn Probability Models for Wildland Fires.

Current Research Lines

  • Privacy Preserving Machine Learning Development Pipelines.

  • Explainability in artificial intelligence models.

  • Education aspects during COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders Gene Incidence Prediction.

Conference Program Committee Member

  • ACMSE 2020 - The Annual ACM Southeast Conference. University of South Florida. April 2-4, 2020.

  • ACMSE 2021 - The Annual ACM Southeast Conference. Jacksonville State University. April 15-17, 2021.

Past projects:

  • Chicago City of Learning:

    • In partnership with CU Boulder, we are developing an scalable recommendation system to recommend Chicago young people activities within the city and their interests.

  • VoxScholar Project:

    • In partnership with the School of Medicine, we designed Google Assistant-enabled Applications to improve student success. Press release.

  • ECHO Data Warehouse Project:

    • We designed and implemented a highly scalable data warehouse to store and query datasets with hundred of thousand features.

  • NIJ Crime Prediction Challenge:

    • We implemented a solution with some members of the BDLab, trying to achieve a good prediction of crime.

  • Trajectory Consolidation Project:

    • Using SQLServer Spatial to store and consolidate trajectory points into well-defined trajectories.

Other projects I was involved in the past

  • Databases High Availability in Multiple Datacenter Architecture Design (DGI)

  • Factura Electronica Project (DGI)