Methodological guide for accessible virtual curriculum developments implementation


Universidad de Alcalá. April 2013

Abstract: This methodology guide for implementing virtual curriculum developments accessible has been developed as part of ESVI-AL project. This guide is designed as a support tool for everyone involved in accessible virtual educational projects, primarily for teachers, but also for management staff, administration and technical institutions, seeking to implement inclusive virtual training activities, in which can participate on equal terms all students.

Authors: José Ramón Hilera, Regina Motz, Javier Pastorino,

ISBN: 978-84-15834-07-6

Transformations between temporal evolution models

Cacic 2002

Abstract: Temporal databases store information evolutions during the time. Such evolution may be classified in schema evolution and extension evolution. This allows classifying temporal information systems in four different types considering the capabilities to manipulate the temporal evolution dimensions. The key target of the present study is the definition of a model that allows sharing information stored in that kind of databases based on methodologies to convert data between the models. We conclude that this kind of transformation is possible, without losing semantics of the information or the evolution registered in the source system, making a transformation to a Bi-Temporal Evolution System from other model and using this one as an equivalent to the original model.

Authors: Javier Pastorino, Regina Mot

Available in Spanish only: