Database System Concepts

CSCI 3287: Database System Concepts

Department of Computer Science and Engineering - College of Engineering, Design and Computing - University of Colorado Denver

Term: Spring 2019

Course Overview:

University Course Catalog Description: Introduces database design, database management systems, and the SQL standard database language. Includes data modeling techniques, conceptual database design, theory of object- relational and relational databases, relational algebra, relational calculus, normalization and database integrity.

Expected Knowledge at the Start of the Course: Students are expected to have mathematical, computer science and programming skills.

  1. The expected mathematical skills include those taught in the CSCI2511 (Discrete Structures) course, as well as CSCI2421 (Data Structures and Program Design)

    1. Set operations and trees.

    2. Boolean logic

    3. Combinatorics and probability.

  2. Expected programming skills include the following:

    1. Basic problem-solving techniques such as divide and conquer, top-down, bottom-up and object-oriented.

  3. Basic computer science knowledge including the following:

    1. Data structures and algorithms: sorting, searching, hashing, running times and memory usage.

    2. How to choose and use basic data structures, including linked-lists, vectors, heaps and search trees.

    3. Operating systems basic knowledge: bits, bytes, blocks/pages, disk operations, latency, seek, time to transfer, memory basics, storage allocation and indexing

Expected Knowledge Gained at the end of the Course: Students are expected to have attained the following knowledge/skills upon leaving the course:

  • Database Systems Design Concepts.

  • Relational Database Design

  • Relational Algebra Expressions for specifying and querying data

  • SQL Language for querying and manipulating data.

  • Indexing methods

  • Ability to demonstrate use of formal models and languages used in Database Systems Design,

  • Implementation and Documentation


  • Database Fundamentals

  • Entity-Relationship Model, Relational Model, Normal Forms

  • Relational Algebra, SQL Standard

  • Physical Design and Indexes

  • Variations in Database Design

Course Prerequisites: CSCI 2441 - Data Structures and Program Design


  • Fundamentals of Database Systems, 7th Edition. R. Elmasri and S. Navathe. Pearson. ISBN-13: 978-0133970777. Required.

Course Schedule

  • Course Overview and Introduction

  • DBMS Concepts and Architecture

  • Conceptual Modeling: Entity-Relationship Model

  • Relational Model

  • Relational Algebra

  • Tuple Relational Calculus

  • SQL and Advanced SQL

  • Functional Dependencies and Normalization

  • File Structures

  • Index Structures

  • Distributed Databases


  • Chapters 1 through 9, 14 through 17 and 23.

  • MySQL Reference Manual.