Data Structures and Program Design

CSCI 2421: Data Structures and Program Design

Department of Computer Science and Engineering - College of Engineering, Design and Computing - University of Colorado Denver

Term: Summer 2021

Location: Remote

Course Overview:

Introduces the students to the basis of program design, and generic data structures to support the development of programs. Topics include a first look at an algorithm, data structures, abstract data types, and basic techniques such as sorting, searching, and recursion.


  • CSCI 1410: Fundamentals of Computing

  • CSCI 1411: Fundamentals of Computing Laboratory

  • CSCI 2312: Object Oriented Programming


  • Data Abstraction & Problem Solving with C++, 7th edition, F. Carrano, T. Henry, Pearson, 2016. ISBN-13: 978-0-13-446397-1 Required


  • Abstract Data Type

  • Container classes

  • Recursion

  • List, linked list

  • Templates

  • Standard Template Library

  • Stack and queues

  • Tree structures

  • Graphs

  • Searching & Sorting

Course Delivery

Lectures will be pre-recorded for the student to review at his/her own pace during the week. We will have synchronous weekly labs over zoom on Fridays. We will use slack for a more fluid and informal communication.

The course however, will have a very strict pace, especially due to the accelerated nature of this semester. Assessments need to be submitted by the due date posted on Canvas. More details on syllabus.


Download Syllabus PDF